Rob Card

Life Transitions Coach

About Rob:

If I had to sum myself up as succinctly as possible, I’d have to say I’m:

“An Artistic Fool”

I know it sounds on to say I’m a Fool, so let me explain:

The Fool, as a symbol, has many meanings and represents beginnings, originality, spontaneity, and leaps of faith.  The “Wise Fool” is a trope used in literature to show someone who puts a mirror up to people, to help them learn about themselves. The Fool is charmed, innocent of heart, and merry, but speaks the truth plainly. I loved this image and accepted it as part of myself.

It is my hope to help others find this level of self- knowing so they can be more creative and productive and happy in their lives.

As A Coach
I received my coaching certification in 2009 and have been coaching ever since. I love helping people discover the strength and wonder within themselves.

My focus is on self-knowledge, helping people discover their life purpose, their passions, their values, and opening their eyes to who they are, and who they can be.

I also love to help people discover their voice and become powerful presenters and public speakers. With my background in theater and public speaking I’ve learned a lot about how to make sure your audiences hears you, understands you, and remembers your message.

I’m also Artistic and Creative!
I am an author, a painter, a composer, a director and actor (oh and playwright too). So I think it’s fair to say creativity and the arts have come naturally for me. Though, don’t get me wrong, I had to work long and hard to become good these things.
As an author, I’ve more than put in my 10,000 hours (or 1,000,000 words) to become a master. I’ve written many stories, only some of which have been published. Some are still in review and edits, while others (especially my early works) will never see the light of day. Yet, I still count them as completed stories because without them I wouldn’t have learned and grown to become the author I am today. If you want to know more about my writing, visit:
As a painter, I am, by no means a master. I have, at various stages in my life taken up and put down the brush and have achieved some moderate success. I love the act of painting, the focus and flow it produces, and it is my hope that I’ll be picking up the brush again some time soon. For more of my works, you can visit: Rob’z’art Facebook Page.
And I have dabbled in many other other arts as well. I’ve written and produced plays for a local community theatre. I love directing and acting (amateur theatre) and seeing a production, whether mine or one I’m in, come to fruition.

I have also composed music; not much, and mostly a long time ago (when I was a teenager). I created and played a lovely piece for my sister’s wedding and love to dabble on the keys whenever I get the chance.

I support the arts and am passionate about any and all creative endeavors.

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